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Spinosaurus Timeline

220 million years ago
First dinosaurs evolve during the Triassic period.
112 million years ago
Spinosaurus first evolves during the early Cretaceous period.


97 million years ago
Spinosaurus extinct.
65 million years ago
Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event: All non-avian dinosaurs go extinct (although Spinosaurus has already been extinct for many millions of years by this time).

The K/T Extinction Event may have been caused by an asteroid impact:
K/T Extinction Event may have been caused by an asteroid impact

First Spinosaurus remains found and described.
Richard Markgraf discovers a partial Spinosaurus skeleton of a dinosaur in the Bahariya Formation of western Egypt.

Richard Markgraf:
Richard Markgraf

Ernst Stromer writes an article describing the animal, he assigns it a new Genus and Species, and names it Spinosaurus aegyptiacus.

Ernst Stromer:
Ernst Stromer

Friedrich von Huene rates Spinosaurus as the largest Theropod in a survey.

Friedrich von Huene (left):
Friedrich von Huene (left)

Based on additional fragmentary remains from the Bahariya Formation. Ernst Stromer tentatively identifies a possible second species of Spinosaurus which he calls Spinosaurus B. However, in retrospect, it now seems that these remains most likely belong to a different dinosaur, probably Carcharodontosaurus or Sigilmassasaurus (many scientists consider Sigilmassasaurus itself to be an invalid identification, and think Sigilmassasaurus is the same animal as Carcharodontosaurus).
During World War II, a British bombing raid on Munich severely damages the Paläontologisches Museum München and destroys the Spinosaurus specimen described by Ernst Stromer in 1915. Fortunately however, Stromer's detailed drawings and descriptions of the specimen remain.
Gregory S. Paul rates Spinosaurus as the largest theropod in his survey.
Canadian paleontologist Dale Russell identifies a second species of Spinosaurus, which he names Spinosaurus maroccanus. Not all scientists however consider this a valid second species.
Spinosaurus appears in the movie Jurassic Park III.
François Therrien and Donald Henderson suggest in a scientific paper that Spinosaurus may have been smaller than previously suggested. However, some other scientists dispute their analysis.
New research published in Science confirm earlier research imputing a massive size to Spinosaurus.

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