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Spinosaurus Facts

Here are some facts about Spinosaurus:
  1. Spinosaurus was a genus of dinosaur (for more information see Spinosaurus Classification).

  2. Two species of Spinosaurus are currently known: Spinosaurus aegyptiacus and Spinosaurus marocannus (for more information see Spinosaurus Classification). Although scientists have suggested that Spinosaurus marocannus may not be a different species at all.

  3. Spinosaurus was a carnivore (ate meat). There is some speculation that its diet may have also included fish, particularly since it is known that its close relative Baryonyx ate fish.

    Note: (Baryonyx is in the same family (Spinosauridae) as Spinosaurus, but is a differnet genus - for more information about classification see Spinosaurus Classification).

  4. Spinosaurus lived in the late Cretaceous period, between approximately 112 million and 97 million years ago.

  5. Spinosaurus lived in what is today North Africa, probably on tidal flats near the seashore. The first fossils that were found, came from Egypt.

  6. Spinosaurus may have been the largest land predator ever. A fully grown adult could have been as long as 41 and 59 feet (12.6 to 18 meters), and weighed somewhere between 8 and 23 tons.

  7. The most noteable feature of Spinosaurus is the large "fin" (sometimes called "sail") on its back. It may have used this fin to help control its temperature - facing the fin towards or away from the sun, depending on whether it wanted to heat itself up or cool down. Another theory is that the fin could have been used for display - for example, as a means of attracting mates.


  8. Spinosaurus had relatively large arms compared to many other predatory dinosaurs (many of which, such as Tyrannosaurus rex had relatively puny arms). It is thus possible that Spinosaurus may have been able to walk on four legs, as well as on two legs.

  9. The first Spinosaurus specimen was described by Ernest Stromer in Egypt in 1912. He went on to describe the animal 1915. Unfortunately, this specimen was destroyed during World War II, although drawings and other information about it still exist.

    Ernst Stromer:
    Ernst Stromer

  10. The name "Spinosaurus" means "spine lizard".

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